Math Superstar Primary 4 Lite

Math Superstar Primary 4 Lite

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Math Superstar Primary 4 Lite is a free Math educational app tailored for Primary 4 students.  This app is also suitable for higher primary students for their revision!

Syllabus covered in Math Superstar Primary 4 Lite include:

★ Whole Numbers
★ Fractions
★ Decimals
★ Time
★ Angles
★ Area and Perimeter
★ Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
★ Tables and Graphs

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• Total 104 questions, free
• Multiple Choice Questions
• Short Questions
• Word Problem, hints included to help you solve problems.

Platform: Android only

You don’t need Wifi to access the questions.

No games in this app. We don’t believe in putting games in this app to entice students.  There is time for study, then just focus and study.

Primary, Grade, 4, test, exam, ca, sa, top, schools, paper, math
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