Math Superstar Primary 4

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Math Superstar Primary 4 gives Primary 4 or Grade 4 students quick and easy Math practices anytime anywhere.

It follows these latest syllabus from the Ministry of Education:

★ Whole Numbers
★ Fractions
★ Decimals
★ Time
★ Angles
★ Area and Perimeter
★ Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
★ Tables and Graphs

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Helps you with your exam or test preparation, or just simple daily practices.

Ideal for Primary 4 or Grade 4 Math students.

Age: 10 to 12 years old

Hints included in Word Problems to help you with the steps taken to solve the problems.

No advertisements.

No games. Purely Math questions.

You don’t even need Wifi to access the questions. Practise offline.

Platform: Android


Math Superstar P4